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You are free to set your own rates and you receive 100% of what you invoice.
Eazylang is paid by the clients for the service it provides.

You are also free to choose the projects which interest you from among the requests you receive.

There’s nothing that says you have to issue a quote for every request. And, of course, you’re not penalised if you turn down projects.

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Your secure personal space


Each Eazylang translator has an authentic digital safe where they can store their translation memories, term bases and glossaries and access them at any time.

This content is your property alone. Eazylang does not use it for commercial use of any kind and its confidentiality is guaranteed.
We just save this data for you and use these databases’ terminology to identify you for projects.

This data is never shared with a third party.
What’s more, as our solution is entirely digital (SaaS), your data is accessible 24/7.

Your profile is highlighted intelligently

Eazylang authenticates the statements made on your profile and endorses your suitability by suggesting your profile according to your level of expertise in the subject to be dealt with.

On Eazylang, your profile is your prospecting tool. We promote it so that you can be found by search engines and get direct quote requests in your fields of expertise.

By joining Eazylang, you take advantage of the referencing strength of a global network of translators.

Your security

Your payment is guaranteed by using the escrow account solution that we have set up. Eazylang pays you after the client has accepted your translation.

Eazylang has professional insurance with 

To sign up to Eazylang, you must:

  • Have a translation qualification
  • Be specialised in a field (legal, financial, medical, etc.)
  • Be acquainted with CAT tools
  • Know how to manage TMX and TBX files
  • Have already worked as a translator for at least 1 year

Added bonuses on your profile:

  • Membership of professional associations
  • Qualified in a technical field
  • Translation memories