What is the use of translation memories?

Our solution makes the most of translation memories to offer you the best possible service

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Eric Lavost, CEO

” Translation memories are translators’ most valuable asset. They are fragile patrimonies which must evolve over time and be preserved under the best conditions of safety.

However, the process of managing and updating their contents with the current computer-assisted translation tools is usually long and complex. Translation professionals consequently quite often under-value and under-use these tools.

In response to this, Eazylang offers an innovative technological solution based on an intelligent use of translation memories:

With Eazylang, the human is at the heart of the translation and the technology is at their service! “

Why to import the translation memories?

It is not always possible for translators to demonstrate their knowledge through their portfolio. The projects are not always technically presentable and clients do not automatically give permission to publish their translations.

To tackle this issue, Eazylang provides a simple and efficient response – all the while respecting your obligations of confidentiality.

We have developed algorithms that analyse the terminology from the translation memories that are stored on the translators’ profiles. Using this technology, we connect our clients with those translators who have already proven experience on the subject matter in question within the same kind of context.

This way of selecting according to competence guarantees you to get quote requests for projects that are directly related to your specialist fields. You save time in terminological research, allowing you to translate faster and to work on more projects.

What does Eazylang do with your translation memories?

In accordance with our Terms and Conditions, we make sure your translation memories are securely stored.

You are the only one that has access to them by entering your profile username and password.

Our algorithms simply analyse the terminology from your translation memory files but their content is never made available to third parties.

Based on this analysis, Eazylang ranks the profiles of translators according to their relevance to the client’s request. The translation memories are therefore another way for translators to come up in the first positions of the list proposed to the clients.

Finally, thanks to our technology, for each of the projects that you work with on Eazylang, we put at your disposal a .tmx file with those of your translation memories that can be reused within that context. This allows you to improve your efficiency when working on translation projects – similarly to what you would expect from a modern CAT software, but without having to manage it yourself!

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