What is the use of translation memories?

Our solution makes the most of translation memories to offer you the best possible service

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What are translation memories?

A translation memory is a database composed of text segments (sentences and expressions) and of their equivalent translations into another language.

Translators produce and use these segments when working with their different tools, allowing them to save time in the translation process.

Why to import them into the platform?

Our algorithms analyse the terminology of the translation memories to identify and select the best translators for your translation projects.

This way of selection according to competence helps you to easily find a translator that has already worked on similar projects to yours.

What to do if I have no translation memories?

Each time a project is completed on Eazylang, the translator is invited to submit the translation memory file (.tmx) corresponding to the completed project (if the translator has accepted).

All the files of the project will be stored in your secured account.
You will be able to reuse the memories in the form of savings next time you have projects with the same kind of terminology.

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