Eazylang // 2nd April 2019


Machine translation 3.0
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Eazylang, new player in contextualised machine translation

To tackle the ever-growing needs of companies for instant translation, Eazylang Express Translation offers an innovative, economical and secure answer. The solution complies with the GDPR: with Eazylang Express Translation, your data remains secure and confidential.

Thanks to an Artificial Intelligence solution, Eazylang’s Express Translation takes into account the specific context of the clients.

You can access this new offer online on and on the partner platforms «Powered By Eazylang».

The Eazylang Express Translation: saving time and monitoring your budget

After creating a profile free of charge, users can get an automatic translation in 50 language combinations – as of now – in just a few clicks.

In order to include contextual elements, users are invited to upload their existing translation files (namely translation memories) in TMX format to a private and secure space.

This formula is available as a «Pay As You Translate» service through subscriptions from 0,0685 € per page (i.e. 250 words). This quick and high-quality solution answers all translation needs for businesses and private individuals.Machine translation does not substitute professional translations. For this reason, Eazylang users can call upon specialised professional translators and even order sworn translations.

A reliable tool for translators to improve their efficiency

Translation professionals (agencies and freelance translators) can use Eazylang to capture new clients thus increasing their economic performance.

Our Express Translation is actually a tool that translators can use to increase their productivity, especially for high volume translations. In concrete terms, translators will be provided with pre-translated texts which they can revise and enrich until they get a human-quality and professional translation.

With this goal in mind, Eazylang plans to eventually diversify its offer with the addition of a post-editing service that will include an automatic pre-translation and the revision of the text (proof-reading) by a professional translator.


About Eazylang

Eazylang is an online collaborative workspace that connects order givers with professional translators. The platform’s algorithm analyses the terminology of each document to translate in order to put clients in contact with the best qualified professionals to meet their needs.

We developed exclusive technology for translation memories management. It allows clients to automatically re-use all the contents already stored in their confidential secure space, so that they never pay twice for the same translation.

Eazylang is available directly on or through our partners’ platforms «Powered by Eazylang» (translation agencies and organisations).



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