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Professional Expert Translation

By choosing this service, you are working with professional translators who are experts in the subject matter to be covered. Our algorithm selects them by analyzing their past experiences in order to measure their technical and linguistic skills corresponding to the semantic content of your documents to be translated.

Certified Translation

Certified translation is a translation carried out by a professional translator and judicial expert, known as a "certified (or sworn) translator", whose profile has been studied and validated by our services.

Express Translation

Express translation is an automatic translation processed by our artificial intelligence solution and contextualized through the use of your translation memories.

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  • Professional translators
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  • Certified translators
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  • Translation by AI
  • Accepts translation memories
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Partner Solutions

Your own Powered by Eazylang translation platform

Eazylang brings a real innovation that will revolutionize the act of buying a translation by creating a new service: the "Powered by Eazylang" or Grey Brand offer. We put our cutting-edge technology at the service of companies and organizations whose employees, members, members or clients have translation needs.

These users will thus benefit from the full power of our algorithms for qualifying service provider profiles and managing translation memories in a personalized environment, accessible via web service and without having to worry about technical constraints, fully managed by Eazylang.

  • A "turnkey" platform
  • Savings related to the reuse of translation memories
  • A secure space for the storage and management of all projects
  • The ability to assign "Pages" credits to your users
    • (for Express Translation)

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Post editing (coming soon)

Post-editing consists in entrusting a translator (post-editor) with a text automatically translated by an artificial intelligence solution. The post-editor proofreads, modifies, completes and corrects the pre-translated text to ensure that it is well understood. Depending on your needs and the level of quality you want to achieve, you can opt for “light” or “full” post-editing.

Review (coming soon)

The revision consists in comparing the target text (which has just been translated) with the source text. The revision work ensures that the translator has not forgotten parts of the text, but also corrects grammar, spelling and possible copy and paste errors (on numbers, dates or proper names for example). Writing style, fluency and linguistic quality are also checked and reworked to improve the final text.