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Eazylang is your portal
for matching
translation requests with suppliers.


your communities
manage their translations!



Who is this offering designed for?

Being powered by Eazylang enables you to preserve your business’ identity.

Are you an NGO, association or interest group?
Do you regularly need translations and have several in-house points of contact responsible for these operations?
Do you regularly use external service providers?

Our solution “Powered by Eazylang” is THE tool your organisation needs!

It takes just a few minutes to create your account, add your logo and customise your work environment. 

Does this not describe you?
We have another solution for you!

Make Eazylang your own

With the solution “Powered by Eazylang”, our platform can be branded to match your organisation!

It takes just a few minutes to create your account, add your logo and customise your work environment.

Invite your staff and past service providers to your work environment and start to optimise your professional translation purchases!

Let’s discuss your project right away.

Choose your service providers in an instant

Save up to 99% of the time spent identifying your translation service providers.

 Thanks to Eazylang’s exclusive technology, your buyers immediately get a comparative list of the most relevant service providers for the project’s requirements.

Because each translation project is unique, with each new request we identify the service providers who are best suited to the subject to be dealt with (language pair, specialism, terminology, deadline and price).

You also have the freedom to invite your past service providers to the platform.

Over 10 000 Service providers

located in over 150 countries

Over 850 language pairs

available on the platform

Specialised in over 300

fields of expertise

Immediately estimate the costs, deadlines and savings made!

With Eazylang, you will never pay twice for the same translation again!

To ensure that, you will have a space to store content which has already been translated (translation memories) which our algorithms will automatically identify for each new request.

This content will save money and shorten deadlines for future translations.

Your confirmation requests for quotes from the service providers selected will automatically take this content into account.

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