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We needed a very fast translation solution for important technical documents. With Eazylang, we found a particularly reactive, quality intermediary, who was ready to help. The retail world moves quickly, our culture is particularly results-driven, and our brand relies equally strongly on proximity and the quality of the relationships that we can build. That’s what we’re starting with Eazylang and we really hope that we can continue to build on this cooperation.

The challenge for any translation agency is choosing the best translators according to different parameters. Of course, tests enable us to identify these collaborators. But time is a factor that neither the translator nor the agency can sometimes afford.
Thanks to its algorithms, Eazylang has enabled us to enter a new market and so to diversify our range of offers by having the resources required to do so.

Motivated by the same entrepreneurial spirit, Sourcing Force and Eazylang have been side by side since their incubation phase at EM Lyon business school in 2015.
A genuine relationship of trust has been established, making it possible to combine the strengths of two innovative solutions in the fields of B2B translation and supplier management.
One access point for all transactions and the ability to monitor translations in real time enable businesses to make substantial savings.



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