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With Eazylang, you will never pay twice for the same translation again!

After identifying the terminology in your documents, our algorithms find the parts that have already been translated and are reusable in the same context, whether in your own translation memories or in contextualised, copyright-free corpora.

*Your memories can be saved for free in your client area, with no size or time limit.

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Identify qualified professionals in an instant 

Our algorithms identify, from among the translators signed up to Eazylang, those who have the best grasp of the terminology required to meet your needs.

With Eazylang, you are guaranteed to find a professional translator or a translation agency with significant expertise in your subject.

And for even more flexibility, you can also invite translation agencies and freelance translators with whom you already have a relationship.

Get your teams involved in the process 

On Eazylang, we automatically open an inbox for each project to ensure constant communication between you and the translator selected. Thanks to this, you can ask for changes, provide clarifications and attach additional references or documents for example.

And if you have collaborators who can approve the quality of a translation, they can be involved in the revision process directly on Eazylang.

To go further, it is also possible to integrate our solution “Powered by Eazylang”.

Control your documents’ confidentiality

Your projects and translation memories are attached to your profile. You manage your content as you like. By default, only you can access them.

Translators on the platform have accepted our General Terms and Conditions of Use and have committed to respecting the confidentiality of translations carried out on the site, and not to share their content.

As an Eazylang client, you can also impose a higher level of confidentiality by sending the translator your own confidentiality agreement.

Manage your online purchases

Eazylang has partnered with BME Sourcing-Force, the first entirely online purchasing platform.

Together, we make it possible for you to incorporate your translation orders into your e-procurement project while benefitting from the savings made thanks to our technology which automatically reuses translation memories.

Do you use another e-procurement platform?

Not a problem! Eazylang interfaces very simply and quickly with all online purchasing tools.

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