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What is a certified translation?

A certified translation is a translation work produced by a translator who is a court appointed expert. In France for example, when you need to translate a driving license from a foreign language to French, you must get a certified translation for it to be acknowledged by the French administration.
Certified translations are the only type of translation that is admissible by national administration services. As a matter of fact, only certified translators are legally entitled to translate any kind of official documents.

Who are those translations for?

In an international export strategy, depending on your targeted country, the language can be different from your country official language. Therefore, any administrative action will prompt you to obtain a certified translation of your documents.

Beyond your civil status documents, some other translation needs will arise from your project. Creating a new partnership, answering to a call for tender process, or simply formalising your contracts – a certified translator is required to make any translation of your official documents admissible in front of courts or administrations.

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Professional translators registered on official listings

In France, the certified translator status is attributed by a Court of Appeal. Certified translators are court experts. They have an extensive knowledge of linguistics, terminology and law.

Moreover, the certified translators are subject to the obligation of professional secrecy in order to secure all your data privacy.
Being ministerial officers, they must follow an ethics code that govern their profession.

The certified translators stamp their seal and signature on the translation work to certify its compliance. The translation then becomes a “certified true copy of the original”.

All countries do not have the same system

The certified translation service is already available in French (i.e. for every language pair containing French) and will be extended to other languages soon. For more information about this topic, or to ask for the opening of a new language pair offer, do not hesitate to contact us.