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A tool of the trade designed for agencies  

The professional translation market is now characterised by a demand which struggles to find supply and vice versa.

The complex organisation involved in monitoring translation projects and the sales burden of constantly finding new missions increasingly cost more than clients are prepared to pay!

We have therefore designed a flexible solution, making use of all our knowledge of translation memories, to modernise your way of working with your own network of translators.

A new way of working with your translators

Our technology has been designed to respond to three needs: 

  • Save time when choosing translators
  • Pay the fairest price for a translation service
  • Simplify the management of a translation project

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How does our solution work ?

The work environment Powered by Eazylang enables you to take advantage of our technology which intelligently reuses translation memories for your translation projects.

Our algorithms analyse the terminology in the source document and identify the translators with corresponding translation memories.

In an instant, you provide your clients with the most qualified translators in your network to deal with a given translation.

And, if needed, you have direct access to the network of qualified professional translators on Eazylang.

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