Who are we?

Launched in October 2016, the Eazylang platform is the result of 10 years’ research and development to provide the ultimate solution for any translation needs.

Eazylang is the first One Stop Shop for professional translations in SaaS, which brings customers, translation agencies and freelance translators together in the same environment.

Our solution is accessible online and can be customised through the offer “Powered by Eazylang”, in order to bring you the most comfortable use of our exclusive technology.

Our mission


Whatever your translation needs, it is essential to find a provider who understands both the language and the context. Because translating a medical report, a website or a company’s annual balance sheet does not require the same knowledge and does not have the same consequences in terms of security and confidentiality.

However, finding the right provider can be highly complicated.

That’s why Eazylang offers you the most relevant translation professionals for your application, regardless of the language pair and field of study.

(To understand how it works )

Put the human element back at the heart of professional translation: translation 3.0!

In our opinion, it is essential for technology to support performance, as a source of economy and quality improvement. However, the human must be at the heart of the relationship for that to happen. At Eazylang there is no filter between the client and the translator.

That’s also why we designed Eazylang in such a way that our customers can choose their own providers (including inviting those with whom they were already working before they heard about Eazylang).

For their part, our translators are free to submit quotes for the projects they feel most comfortable with, based on their previous experience or just following their personal enthusiasm.

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