Why should I work with a professional translator?

We have already talked about machine translation and why it’s just not enough. Today, we will explore several particularities of the translation work, particularities that highlight the resources of an experienced professional translator. In a world where Artificial Intelligence is constantly evolving, why should you work with a human?

Being loyal to the spirit of the translated text

Do you think your language skills are strong enough to handle the translation yourself? Think twice before you answer, for there is no culture that tolerates the deformation of its language.
And though in an informal oral conversation, the faults of a foreigner who does not speak your language can be charming, they are not so charming when it comes to conveying corporate messages or advertising campaigns.

A mistake in this type of message can be perceived as an absolute disregard for the local culture.

Electrolux fail slogan nothing sucks

The Swedish brand Electrolux came up with a funny but unflattering proposition! (Pub UK/US 1960s)

The translation of a text from one language to another needs to go beyond words.

A language is an important cultural vector, loaded with subtleties.
Only a professional translator who knows this cultural richness is able to overcome an algorithm and find the true meaning of a translation. The translation of a speech does not entail the same requirements as the translation of a manuscript: the style and phraseology will undoubtedly be different.
To quote Ladmiral and Lipiansky in their publication “Intercultural Communication” (1989):

Finding the right words

Let’s talk a little bit about “transcreation”, a marketing neologism that refers to capturing the meaning and orientation of a text in the source language and creating an original version that retains that meaning in the target language. During this creative process, it exists the real possibility to re-create a new cultural baggage for the target audience. The transcreation obtained will allow the same message to be communicated, but with a very marked, “localized” impact to reach the desired audience.

In the photo, the best known example of transcreation:


Eazylang allows you to FIND professional translators capable of proposing a transcreation. You have the right to decide which translator profile is best for you, as well as the possibility of communicating with him/her throughout the translation process.


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