You won’t believe these hilarious translation mistakes

There are always places to visit… and translation mistakes to photograph!┬á­čśé
Let’s start with this interesting, but offensive park. Would you like to visit?

However, if you have any problem there, you can always use one of the displayed weapons the government provides┬á­čśÇ.

And what about this premonitory natural park? Any ideas what the original message could have meant?

Criminal translations

Sometimes, the law is so important you can actually touch it… or literally step on it!

This next translation gives very good advice. Make sure you follow it!

Some parking tickets are truly unfair… that doesn’t happen here though.


Every translator has his/her own process. However, I don’t think this one really knew what he was doing.

Don’t let this happen to you. Go to and find the most qualified professional for your translation needs.
See you soon on Eazylang!┬á­čśë

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  • One of the most inane translation goofs that I’ve ever seen online is MADE IN TURKEY – HECHO EN PAVO.

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