8 delicious translation mistakes

Translating is a difficult job. However, some people still don’t take it seriously!
Here is a list of 8 translation mistakes found in restaurant menus.
Without a doubt, the owners of these establishments should have chosen a professional translator.


Ingredients rather strange

I don’t know where they get their lions in Spain… but they’re pretty delicious 😂!

Wikipedia, an exotic and tasty ingredient.

Better not forget about the cannibals 😅…


So… if the second one is “real chicken”… What’s the first one??

Unusual recipes

Some recipes are difficult to make, others require way too much effort…

The straw that break’s the camel’s back

As we can see in this picture, automatic translation tools are not very reliable.

We can laugh all we want, but we must never forget that a bad translation can lead to many serious problems.
Eazylang’s algorithms identify the professional translator that suits you best. This way, our clients always receive a high quality translation.

If you know of any similar translation error, write it in the comment section 😉.

6 Responses to “8 delicious translation mistakes

  • misstigrie87
    2 years ago

    “Polish sausage” becomes “Polissez la saucisse” in French 😀

  • Noelle de France
    2 years ago

    From German “Ich bekomme ein Steak” (I want a steak), translated “I become a steak” ! Imagine the surprise of the waiter !

  • Very funny. Buying cheap is expensive.

  • Maria J Plasencia
    2 years ago

    I once saw, also in a menu:
    Rape a la Marinera / Rape, sailor’s style
    (rape is a fish: Monkfish or Anglerfish)

  • Juan Maggiore
    2 years ago

    Cocido Leonés can be rendered as LEONESE STEW!

  • I remember a few funny food-related translation mistakes found during Sochi Olimpic Games in 2014. I expect even more of them at PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Games.

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